Tricia Moir School of Motoring is proud to announce that we have launched Off Road Driving for all 15 – 16 year olds. Our off road driving is located in Irvine and is 2254 metres in size. You will be taught by fully qualified instructors and be taught to the dsa standards.
The off road driving gives the 15 – 16 year olds the chance to gain the experience and confidence that will help them when they are ready to take driving lessons when they turn 17.

Off Road Driving Location

1 Dunlop Place, Meadowhead Industrial Estate, Irvine, Scotland KA11 5BJ.
Gift vouchers can be collected from my home address
8 First Avenue Irvine KA12 8HJ.

Please view the map below:

The skills that we will be teaching are as follows:

  • Move & Stopping
  • Hill Start
  • Turn In Road
  • Reverse Corner Left & Right
  • Reverse Parking
  • Bay Parking